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Stritmatter Kessler Whelan (SKW) bike injury lawyers are known throughout the region for their long record of highly successful settlements and verdicts on behalf of injured cyclists. Because SKW has a reputation among insurance companies as a feared contender for personal injury cases, our firm is usually the first choice for seriously injured cyclists. We have the best resources, legal support team, and experts at our finger tips.

Remme v. State of Washington and City of Seattle 

At the end of 2013, attorneys Keith Kessler and Brad J. Moore helped to obtain a $4,000,000 settlement for Lan Remme and his family in a lawsuit against the City of Seattle and the State of Washington. Both the State and the City were named as defendants for failure to maintain the Montlake Bridge sidewalk and abutting sidewalk in a reasonably safe condition. A sidewalk panel abutting the Montlake Bridge had sunk no less than two inches.

Lan Remme was enjoying a leisurely bike ride in April 2011, until his bike wheel got caught in a 2 " sidewalk crack obscured by the bridge's shadow.

Lan Remme was enjoying a leisurely bike ride in April 2011, until his bike wheel got caught in a 2 ” sidewalk crack obscured by the bridge’s shadow. creating a dangerous tripping hazard.

Learn more about Lan Remme’s case against the State of Washington and the City of Seattle. 

Gendler v. State of Washington

Recently, the case of Gendler v. State of Washington received significant attention from the media with its $8 million settlement. A significant result of this bicycle injury case was how it held the State of WA accountable for an unsafe roadway surface for bicyclists who lawfully crossed the Montlake Bridge–whether they were traveling on the deck with other traffic or were on the bridge sidewalk.  The $8 million settlement was well justified, as it will help to cover exorbitant medical bills, ongoing medical care, 24/7 assistance, facility accommodations at home and at work, etc.  However, proponents of legislation to reduce the frequently target the Gendler case because of the high settlement amount. We believe that most Washingtonians recognize the importance of keeping the government accountable, when government entities ignore safety issues that could ultimately result in catastrophic injuries to innocent citizens.

Gendler’s bike tire caught on Montlake Bridge deck, causing catastrophic injuries. WSDOT knew about this potential for bicyclist injuries for years, but ignored the obvious dangers.

We invite you to learn more about the Gendler case, and decide for yourself whether the State should be immune to lawsuits that stem from its negligence or intentional wrongdoing.

SKW Trial Lawyers Teach Other Lawyers to How to Fight for Injured Clients

SKWC has the highest number of Super Lawyers out of any personal injury law firm in the State of Washington. We use the “team approach” for each and every one of our clients, so that no detail goes unnoticed and every phone call or email is returned promptly. Because SKW cyclist injury attorneys are so prominent in the Northwest, they are often asked to speak or write about areas of the law related to representing seriously injured clients. Keith L. Kessler, one of SKW founding partners, and the lead attorney on the now famous Gendler case was just awarded the prestigious 2011 Best Lawyers’ Seattle Area Personal Injury Litigator of the Year.  Other partners, including Paul Stritmatter and Karen Koehler have also gained significant recognition for their work in representing injured cyclists and their families. Recently, Keith Kessler spoke to other attorneys, providing an update on tort law .

You Only Pay When We Recover Money For You

The last thing an injured cyclist needs to worry about is covering legal fees. Rest assured, you need not concern yourself about racking up large hourly fees with SKW. Only when we recover money for you, will you have to pay anything. This is what is referred to as a “contingency basis” fee arrangement.

Learn More About SKW Bike Injury Attorneys and Their Injured Cyclist Cases

Review a small sample of injured cyclist cases that SKW lawyers have added to their list of successes. Learn more about the wealth of experience that our bike injury attorneys offer to clients seriously injured in a cycling accident.

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